The Lucky Ones

I don’t even see it all
but I know there’s something wrong
When the only things I see are as bad as this

I lose something I can’t replace
Thinking I’ve been picked on again
When all those things I choose to avoid seeing
Are raging on, the unlucky ones

And you’re just staring at the screens
Holding on to some hope that they’ll be free
Even when you lose, you’re lucky

I think it may be fair to say
That where we are will never be safe
But as long as they keep turning their heads
They have won, and they’re the lucky ones

And they’ll just stare at the mess they’ve made
Without a care or the time to make a change
But they have lost, they have lost

I hurt myself on the way down the stairs
I trip up on the sidewalk every now and then
And I think I’m being punished in some way
Asking, why are you ruining my day?
And I am so ashamed that I don’t say

I am one of the lucky ones

I am one of the lucky ones