Don’t Believe It’s All Me

I can sit and not say a thing
I can try and pretend I know what to be
I can walk down the street for others to see
I can dress myself up for strangers to read
But please don’t believe its all me

I can make it all up and theyd never tell
I can say what Im doing as if I’m doing it well
I can choose not to say I’m as lost as I’ll ever be
Stuck on the dark side but I can still be funny
But please don’t believe its all me

We try to make ourselves up for too long
With too many times that we do what we’re told
And I wish I could tell what you all might think
Just please don’t believe its all me

But if I could go back I still wouldn’t make it right
So I guess I might as well try to just live this life
We pose how we think we should look to the onlookers
Make them think that they know everything there is
But please don’t believe that is real

I can try to pretend that I’m never afraid
While I’m still tryna learn how to play this game
And I know what you’re thinking but I know when I’m wrong
I wonder what they will believe when we’re gone