Since it’s National Vegetarian Week, I really wanted to share a few recommendations and thoughts on all things Veg: my fav places to eat, make-up brands and also events coming up that are 100% vegan fuelled. I think that vegan-ism is sometimes negatively stereotyped and thought of as unattainable, but really this couldn’t be further from the truth.


FAVOURITE VEGAN SPOTS TO EAT IN LONDON that any carnivore will love…


Out and about on the weekend: Stop off at the new Soho Vegan Market on a Saturday to have vegan cheesy panini’s by Jakes Vegan Steaks, or have a Bao Bun from Eat Chay Club, you won’t believe these are plant based! Also you have to try the new vegan chocolate cookie at Pret A Manger, best cookie I’ve ever had.


Dinner out: Mildreds in Camden or Soho or The Gate in Hammersmith for a more fine-dining experience. If you love Sushi you can check out the 100% vegan Japenese in Kings Cross, Itadaki Zen! After that you can walk over to Camden’s Spiritual Bar for a vegan creamy White Russian cocktail.


East-London Shopping Day? Have a ‘beef’ cheeseburger at Mooshies on Brick Lane. These are by far the best vegan burgers I’ve had – the amount of times I’ve taken my non-vegan friends to Mooshies and they’ve come out claiming that the burgers are better than meat! Then pop down the road to Crosstown doughnuts! They do 3 or 4 vegan options.





So, some people say that animal testing is necessary for us to realise what is safe for us to use and what isn’t. But here’s a fact you might already know: We are not rats. Or monkeys. Or mice, or any other animal that is being tested on. That means that the test results for the animal WON’T guarantee a single thing for us humans. The mice tested for ‘thalidomide’ came out fine and dandy, no harm done. So the medication was given a thumbs up for pregnant mothers to use, only to result in malformed babies! So what can we do about it? It’s our job now to stop FUNDING and encouraging the companies that continue this cruelty. One day they won’t be able to continue with animal testing, meaning safer medicines and cosmetics for us, and no more torture to our animals.



Bare Minerals: My go-to for everything: I use their foundation, concealer, lipstick, moisturiser, you name it.

Urban Decay: I use their eye-shadow palettes every day! I love this brand.

Barry M: For the best nail polishes, and high street prices!

Lush: Everyone knows Lush! They’ve been fighting against animal testing since the beginning.

*Pierre Rene: You may not have heard of this brand, but I swear by their mascara! Check them out at






I recently went to Vegan Nights London in Brick Lane for the first time, and I was blown away by it. There were queues outside, with thousands of people travelling from all over the UK to attend. It’s like a mini festival with DJS, bars, stacks of amazing food and clothing stalls. It had such a great vibe and everyone was super friendly, my friend and I scoffed a vegan pizza, green burger from Green Grill, and Asian style chicken nuggets from CookDaily. (Cookdaily can be found in BoxPark, Shoreditch, I highly recommend them!) The next Vegan Nights London event in on Thursday June 7th, get your tickets at this link:





This is my first year going to the Vegan Camp Out in Nottingham, and I’ll be playing a set of music too! Over 5000 people are predicted to be at the festival, I think it’s going to be the biggest vegan event of 2018! Tickets:


If you’re interested in cutting out meat from your diet this National Vegetarian week, there is a lot of inspiration out there to motivate you. Instagram accounts to inspire and motivate:









FINALLY check out for more information on your meat-free week!


I know that in the next few hundred years, meat and dairy consumption will be a thing of a past. Be one of the first to make this huge step towards a greener, kinder planet.


Tally plays her 8th Sofar Sounds night with accompaniment on Saturday 12th May 2018.

Night starts at 8pm.


Oh they’ve got me stuck on this one
Come on in if you want to see me gone
Wish I could reason with you love,
But I can’t see straight
We’ll both be afraid

No they wont have heard this one before
Goes so much against what we’ve been taught
And I know I’ll always be the one
Who doesn’t understand,
Got to make a stand


We’ll go round in the shade
They’ll cover up our eyes
Till we all see the same
And the colours fade to white,

Oh they’ve got us all behaving well
Bound up on the outside so no one can tell
And I know I’m not the only one
Who thinks it’s all too strange
Who knows we’re not to blame

We’ll do everything they say
Too bottled up with pride
To tear down what they’ve made
Say I’m not on this side

Built up round the people who have won
Thinking that there’s nothing to be done
And I’ll go round and around with everyone
Saying it is never them
And then I’ll start again

We’ll go round in the shade
They’ll cover up our eyes
Till we all see the same
And the colours fade to white,
and we’re wasting time
Running to no place

You know you’re just another one
Making it up as you go along
Trying to fool everybody that you are meeting

You feel the weight of the words you speak
And most of them you don’t really mean
And you wonder how long it will take for you to mean anything

The times we have wasted
Are the days we have tasted
And I don’t know and I don’t know
I just don’t know I just don’t know
You feel the ache of all your ideals
you’ve got to earn it to make it real
but you’re lying if you say you know how toearn anything

You’re scanning all the nearby roads
making do with your broken bow
trying tosow what’s not been sowed and make a change

You run around at such a speed
don’t think our eyes know how to really see
So busy searching that we’re blind to where we’re heading

Attach yourself to things you collect
and you offer them all way too much respect
And they’ll distract you from what you should be doing

The times we have wasted
Are the days we have tasted
And I don’t know and I don’t know
I just don’t know I just don’t know

We got nothing that we can hide
but we got some things we like to cover with lies

You’re saying all these things so well
But you forget your eyes say something else
And you hope nobody reads what you’re really thinking

I don’t even see it all
but I know there’s something wrong
When the only things I see are as bad as this

I lose something I can’t replace
Thinking I’ve been picked on again
When all those things I choose to avoid seeing
Are raging on, the unlucky ones

And you’re just staring at the screens
Holding on to some hope that they’ll be free
Even when you lose, you’re lucky

I think it may be fair to say
That where we are will never be safe
But as long as they keep turning their heads
They have won, and they’re the lucky ones

And they’ll just stare at the mess they’ve made
Without a care or the time to make a change
But they have lost, they have lost

I hurt myself on the way down the stairs
I trip up on the sidewalk every now and then
And I think I’m being punished in some way
Asking, why are you ruining my day?
And I am so ashamed that I don’t say

I am one of the lucky ones

I am one of the lucky ones

I can sit and not say a thing
I can try and pretend I know what to be
I can walk down the street for others to see
I can dress myself up for strangers to read
But please don’t believe its all me

I can make it all up and theyd never tell
I can say what Im doing as if I’m doing it well
I can choose not to say I’m as lost as I’ll ever be
Stuck on the dark side but I can still be funny
But please don’t believe its all me

We try to make ourselves up for too long
With too many times that we do what we’re told
And I wish I could tell what you all might think
Just please don’t believe its all me

But if I could go back I still wouldn’t make it right
So I guess I might as well try to just live this life
We pose how we think we should look to the onlookers
Make them think that they know everything there is
But please don’t believe that is real

I can try to pretend that I’m never afraid
While I’m still tryna learn how to play this game
And I know what you’re thinking but I know when I’m wrong
I wonder what they will believe when we’re gone